Team Parent Tips

Team Parents are a critical part of any team and can make a huge impact on the group. Ask any manager and they’ll tell you that getting a good Team Parent is one of the most important things they’ll do all year. Many Managers draft players with parents that help coordinate team activities. We reached out to long-time Team Mom Elaine Reedy, and here are her Top 10 Tips for Being a Great Team Parent.


  1. Enlist other Parents to help
  2. Go to the Team Mom meeting
  3. Give parents plenty of notice for required concession stand duty
  4. If possible, go ahead and sew the LL patch on yourself, some parents will never do it
  5. Get the uniform issues resolved at the first practice
  6. Most teams make a team banner, check to see if any parent has talent in that area
  7. Make a team notebook with phone number, addresses, medical releases, and medical details
  8. Don’t wait until the last game to start thinking about the team party
  9. Develop a “Snack Schedule” and make sure parents know when it is their turn
  10. Have Fun!