Is This My League?

If you're trying to determine if your child can play with Central Chesterfield Little League, please read the description of the League boundaries. Also included, is a listing of schools that fall within our boundaries and also zip codes.


Zip Codes:
CCLL bounderies include the following zip codes: 23234, 23237, 23831, 23836
CCLL bounderies also include parts of the following zip codes 23838, 23803, 23832, 23834

All areas south and/or east of these boundaries extending to the Chesterfield county line:
From the intersection of Belmont Road (Rt. 651) & Chippenham Parkway (Rt. 150) proceed southwest along Belmont Road (Rt. 651) to Courthouse Road (Rt. 604). Proceed south on Courthouse Road (Rt. 604) until it intersects Newby's Bridge Road (Rt. 651). Proceed southwest on Newby's Bridge Road (Rt. 651) until it intersects with Qualla Road (Rt. 653). Proceed southwest on Qualla Road (Rt. 653) to intersection with Spring Run Road (Rt. 654). Proceed south on Spring Run Road (Rt. 654) to intersection with Beach Road (Rt. 655). Proceed west on Beach Road (Rt. 655) to Bundle Road (Rt. 654). Proceed south on Bundle Road (Rt. 654) to River Road (Rt. 602). From the intersection of Bundle Road (Rt. 654 and River Road (Rt. 602), proceed south to the Dinwiddie County line.
Chesterfield County Schools within Central Chesterfield Little League Boundaries

Elementary Schools:
Bellwood, Bensley, Beulah, Curtis, Ecoff, Enon, Ettrick, Falling Creek, Gates *** split school with Chesterfield Little League – check boundary lines***, Harrowgate, Hopkins, Marguerite Christian, Matoaca, Salem Church, Scott, Wells.

Middle Schools :

Carver, Chester, Davis, Falling Creek, Matoaca, Salem Church

High Schools :
Bird, Matoaca, Meadowbrook, Thomas Dale