Score Keepers

Score Keepers represent an important part of the team and have several duties.

  1. Gets the best seat in the house, in the shaded score box right behind the umpire.
  2. Keeps the score of the game and, in T-Ball up through AAA Divisions, notifies the coaches and umpires when the 5-Run limit is reached.
  3. Operates the Scoreboard to keep players and parents informed on the game status.
  4. Tracks pitch counts for all pitchers to help protect our young players’ arms.
  5. Record the events of the game. This is often the toughest part of Score Keeping, and likely the most intimidating for new volunteers. However, scoring a game can actually be a lot of fun. And if the Team Manager hopes to keep stat’s on the players, there’s absolutely no substitute for a good Score Keeper. To help get you comfortable with the process of keeping score, we’ve provided a Tutorial, complete with examples at the end, to help you get started.

Tutorial Links:

D5 Score Keeping Tutorial.pdf