All Star Info

Every year, CCLL fields All-Star teams to represent our league and showcase the talents of the very best that CCLL has to offer. There are two types of All-Star tournaments: District and Invitational. Between those two tournaments, CCLL typically provides the opportunity for over 1/3 of the league participants to represent our league’s talents on one or more of the ALL Star teams.



All Stars make up a single team that represents a specific age group of players (5 Teams in all). These teams compete in the official Tournament coordinated and run by Virginia District 5. District All Stars are selected through a lengthy process that includes voting by the players in the respective league, voting by the Managers in the respective league, with the final roster spots selected by the Team Manager, who must select from the finalists from the Player & Coaches’ ballots. Tournament Rules are used in lieu of the Regular Season Rules, which alters several parts of the game, the most noticeable of which are the batting order (bat 9 instead of the whole roster) and the minimum play requirements (players only have to play 3 consecutive defensive outs and bat once before being removed). The District hosts tournaments at various league locations that are rotated annually from league to league and are conducted at five levels:


  • Minors (10 and under) – District & State Tournaments
  • 11’s (11 and under) – District & State Tournaments, w/ Optional Regional
  • Majors (12 and under, but must have played at Major level) – District, State, Regional and Little League World Series
  • Intermediate (13 and under, but must have played at Intermediate level) – District, State, Regional and Little League World Series
  • Juniors (14 and under, but must have played at Junior level) – District, State, Regional and Little League World Series
  • Seniors (16 and under, but must have played at Senior level) – District, State, Regional and World Series


All Stars make up one or more teams per level (the number of teams depends on several factors, including the total number of players at the level) and play in Tournaments hosted by individual Little Leagues within the District. Players are nominated and voted on by the Managers from the respective levels. These Tournaments typically use Tournament Rules, but may relax some of the requirements to allow more participation from all the players. The purpose of the Invitational Tournaments is to provide the opportunity for more players to participate in the Little League tournament experience. While these Tournaments can change from year-to-year, CCLL is entering the 4th year as the local host for the Majors and 14/15 year-old Tournaments providing the opportunity for those teams to practice and play with a “home field advantage.”  These Invitational Tournaments are traditionally hosted at the below sites and typically include these age groups:


  • Rookie (8 and under) – Huguenot Little League
  • Minor (9 year olds ONLY) – Atlee Little League
  • 10’s (10 year olds ONLY) – Ashland Little League
  • Majors (12 and under) – Central Chesterfield Little League
  • Intermediate (13 and under) – TBA
  • 13’s (13 year olds ONLY) – Chesterfield Little League
  • 14/15’s (14 and 15 year olds ONLY) – Central Chesterfield Little League