Levels of Play/Ages/Fees

CCLL provides opportunities for children from 4 to 16 years old to play baseball at eight different levels:


Rookie (4-5)*$110Introductory level focusing on teaching the game. Combination of coach pitch and teeLovena Thorelovena.t@ccllbaseball.com386-2683
Single A (6-7)*$120Introductory level focusing on teaching the game. Combination of machine pitching and tee.Matt Thorematt.t@ccllbaseball.com591-9302
Double A (7-8)*$135Standard infield and 4 outfielders on defense. Combination of machine pitching and kid pitchingRachael Morserachael.m@ccllbaseball.com370-2552
Triple A (9-10)*$135Standard infield and 3 outfielders on defense. Kid pitching.Matt Thorematt.t@ccllbaseball.com591-9302
Major (10-11)*$135 Kathey Thorekathey.t@ccllbaseball.com314-0364
Intermediate (12-13)*$135 Kathey Thorekathey.t@ccllbaseball.com314-0364
Junior (13-14)*$135 Troy Perrytroy.p@ccllbaseball.com513-6499
Senior (15-16)*$135 Rachael Morserachael.m@ccllbaseball.com370-2552
Challenger (4-18)** Call for details...Todd Perrytodd.p@ccllbaseball.com543-2024


*The 2018 age chart for Little League can be found HERE.

 **NOTE: The Challenger program is for children with special needs and is run by Chesterfield Little League.  Call for details.